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Think Fast, Mr. Moto

Hungarian born and Austrian educated, Peter Lorre was cast for eight films (1937-1939) as Mr. Moto, a smart and able Japanese man who foils villains in a variety of ways. If you read many reviews of the Mr. Moto chronology, you’ll find a number of reviewers who want to invoke a racial element in reviewing […]

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Hollywood Hotel

Hooray for Hollywood…. This movie is full of music, including the notable tinseltown anthem “Hooray for Hollywood.” It comes complete with legendary clarinetist Benny Goodman and other notables such as Ted Healy. You’ll also see Ronald Reagan, Gene Krupa, Lionel Hampton, Harry James, and Paul Whiteman. It’s just over an hour and a half of […]

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Colossal Studios is not on firm financial footing. It’s owned by a New York bank called Pettypacker & Sons. The studio is ripe for sale, and those are the plans, but Executive Vice-President Atterbury Dodd (Leslie Howard) feels that the studio is still a viable property and that if he is sent West it can […]

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San Quentin

If you like the “prison movie” this is one of the best from that genre. Steve Jameson (Pat O’Brien) and Red Kennedy (Humphrey Bogart) are both headed to San Quentin. Jameson as an army officer on a temporary assignment – and Kennedy as a convict. Jameson is set to become Captain of the Yard – […]

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