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The Big Clock

According to a Wikipedia article, “film noir” is French for “black film.” What makes up the elements of film noir? You could find any number of websites that will offer varying descriptions but your humble reviewer thinks the best way to describe noir is to point at various films of the genre and to say, […]

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The Naked City

Let’s just start off this review by saying that this is a good movie. It’s 96 minutes of cop movie with a big film noir feel. Irishman Barry Fitzgerald is the real star of the movie as Detective Lieutenant Dan Muldoon. There are enough other good guys, bad guys, and some in-between to go around. […]

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Act of Violence

Not many movies have you right at the edge of your seat from the beginning. There’s usually a period of time where you bond to the movie. Somehow, at some level, you subconsciously decide that you will participate in it and let it into your brain. Occasionally, you may see a move that will not […]

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