My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady – My favorite musical.

So much can be said about this movie and the actors who appear in it. No, Audrey Hepburn’s voice is not the one heard when she is singing. Yes, the music is wonderful, the scenes magnificent, and the experience delightful.

Rex Harrison is perfect in the role of Professor Henry Higgins – an expert on various accents and the pronunciation of words. He can correctly place a person to within a very small radius of where they are from based don the way they talk.

Audrey Hepburn is Eliza Doolittle. She sells flowers on the street, is uneducated, and persists with little.

A chance meeting between the two of them will be life-changing for both of them.

Higgins takes as a challenge the job of transforming Eliza from the lowest level of society to a lady of class.

This movie is one pleasure after another. The music is great, the settings fantastic and the story wonderful.

You’ll find criticisms of this picture in various quarters but it’s nearly three hours of fun.

This movie was nearly lost and was restored a few years ago. If you get the chance to see the two disc DVD with the accompanying production showing the restoration, don’t miss it.

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