They Drive By Night

This is a truck-driving story featuring Humphrey Bogart and George Raft as brothers Paul and Joe Fabrini. They drive long, grueling hours trying to eek out a living and make the payment on their truck.

The story goes in a couple of directions and telling much of it is hard without including spoilers.

A wreck knocks the brothers out of business and leaves Paul injured.

Following this they go to work for Ed Carlsen (Alan Hale) – but soon, a murder occurs and this introduces a new wrinkle.

Without the presence of the stars in this movie (Bogart, Raft, Hale, Ann Sheridan and Ida Lupino) this story might not hold together very well. But, it does and it’s a good movie.

The trucking industry has a reputation for taking a toll on those who work in it, and it’s apparent that this was just as true in 1940.

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  1. ralphdeluca says:

    I always enjoyed this film. I think George Raft is a very underrated actor today. He and Bogey are really good together. A must see for Bogey fans. I even have the original window card poster framed on the wall.

    Ralph DeLuca
    Madison, NJ

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