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Star In The Night

Star In The Night is an adaptation of the Christmas story – and, it’s a short clocking in at 22 minutes. It can be found as an extra on the DVD “Christmas In Connecticut.” Nick Catapoli (J. Carrol Naish) is am immigrant who runs a small gas station/motel/restaurant out in the middle of nowhere in […]

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Holiday Inn

When you mention Holiday Inn or White Christmas, you seem to always find people who are confused and think that they are the same movie. They are not. They are, however, a nearly perfect combination of movies for a Christmas double-feature and that’s how they play in this reviewer’s home several times during the Christmas […]

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It’s A Wonderful Life

It would be an understatement to say that George Bailey (James Stewart) is having a bad day. In fact, in a climax of bad events he’s decided to end his life. Bailey operates a family business built by his late father known as a “Building and Loan.” It’s a sort of small-town bank, but not […]

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Miracle On 34th Street

Susan Walker’s mother Doris (Natalie Wood and Maureen O’Hara respectively) is a divorced lady who has adopted a very straight-forward and no-nonsense attitude about raising her daughter. There’s no place for common childhood fantasies – just direct answers about what is real and what is not. That leaves out any need for Santa Claus. But, […]

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White Christmas

White Christmas is your humble reviewer’s favorite holiday-themed movie. To simply call it a movie may be an injustice – it’s an experience! People fall in love with movies and they become very personal. This movie is a perfect example or something that can really touch you. As White Christmas has been so widely reviewed, […]

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